A debut on twitter

A debut on twitter

My blog post on Lant Pritchett’s alternative approach to development effectivness: http://blogs.iadb.org/desarrolloefectivo_en/2013/11/21/try-learn-iterate-adapt/


Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Development: how well do they mingle?

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Bay Watched has been published on the New Yorker Magazine a few weeks ago. As Nathan Heller makes us submerge into San Francisco’s paths, there’s this line on “creative, mindful living” I cannot get over from. I wonder is there such a space for inspiration in development work?

“Why, then, did Johnny Hwin speak so volubly about how his business interests, his life style, and his art helped one another? To him, it wasn’t a puzzle. He was into “creative, mindful living” in part because it helped his business interests. His business interests helped bring people together around underground art. In the process, influential art-and-business people were exposed to creative, mindful living. I had been searching, I realized, for something that didn’t quite add up, but, so far, it all seemed to sum quite tidily.”